Passionate About Creating a Positive User Experience. Data-Driven & Creative Solutions. Story Telling Through Design. Problem Solving. Making the World a Little Bit Better.

Highlighted Projects

Focused on the User

I approach all projects with the user in mind. Whether conducting user research or utilizing research that has been done by others, I can confidently make decisions that will enhance the user experience.

Driven by Design

User functionality and accessibility to all is incredibly important when focusing on the design process, taking those needs and combining them with a beautiful design is where I thrive.

Iterations & Testing

With passion for QA testing designs, getting user feedback, going back to the drawing board and improving designs and enhancing users experience, I am driven to better a product with each phase of user testing.

Final Product

Creating a polished and finalized product is a very satisfying and rewarding experience. As someone with a high level of attention to detail, I always continue to improve products and bring new features to users.

Letters of Recommendation

Amanda Plice

Kate Greenberg